US spends two and-a half times the OECD average.

spending, taken as a whole, is very high in the United States, and growing.


From 2005 to 2015, both health insurance premiums and deductibles in the United States tripled, while overall patient satisfaction with health care decreased by 50%.


Only 80% of health insurance premiums go towards paying for service, while the other 20% is lost in administrative overhead. Oftentimes hospitals go unpaid for months, or longer—causing ever increasing costs for those who do pay.


Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servicesprojected that total health care spending for 2016 reached nearly $3.4 trillion, up 4.8 percent from 2015. According to CMS, U.S. health care spending is projected to reach nearly $5.5 trillion by 2025, a full 20 percent of GDP.


• Secure and Anonymized using private key cryptography

• Multi-asset

• Transactions are publicly auditable


• Decentralized

• No restriction or fee based on user location



The CarePay Project is dedicated to improving the healthcare experience. With the advent of new technology

such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and distributed ledger technology (blockchain), we can foster

better relations between patients and providers without the involvement of expensive and administratively

burdensome intermediaries.

Transparency, especially in prices, helps patients make good healthcare decisions without financially ruinous

consequences. CarePay provides this data by enabling patients to safely share their medical bills with one

another in a single platform. Price transparency also helps doctors establish fair market rates for their

invaluable services. CarePay launches with the pricing data of over 2 million healthcare providers.

Automation allows patients to make bookings and pay healthcare providers directly. Carepay accomplishes

this using "smart" escrow agreements built on a permissioned blockchain. Using our system, providers can set

reasonable rates knowing they are being paid at the time of visit, and patients can receive medical care without

worrying. This network can help individuals and the many small and medium businesses who self insure.

Carepay is ready for "hands free" technological advances offered by platforms like Google Home and Amazon

Alexa. Patients will be able to access CarePay using these devices.

Find more details about our plan in the pages that follow. Together we can improve the healthcare experience.

Julie Westscott is the V.P. of Marketing

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Our team consists of decades of experience in healthcare, and some of the best tech developers in the business.

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Venkat Garikapati is founder of CarePay

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Pinto Walia is our Operations Director

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CarePayTM is the project of Houston based company CarePay Inc.

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