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Charlotte County Chamber Expo

Today was so inspiring! Our Florida CarePay™ team had a booth at the Charlotte County Chamber Expo on February 6th, 2020. We all had the opportunity to speak with so many wonderful people, families, business owners, and employees about our mission. I wanted to share a few stories about some special people I met, they are a perfect reminder of why everyone at CarePay™ has been working so hard to bring this platform to the world.The first person I want to write about I will call “Joe”. Joe and I talked about family and tradition, then we began to talk about a family member of his who became ill and the financial toll it took on his family. We spoke about the healthcare system and how broken it has become. We spoke about health insurance and how the prices are unaffordable, deductibles are impossible to reach, and the copays are too high. It was clear that Joe was feeling distressed as he talked about premiums and minimums and how much out of pocket costs had piled up. I explained to him why all those high costs happen and what we at CarePay™ are doing to change all of it. Joe was so overwhelmed with emotion that he reached out and hugged me. He said,

“I can’t believe you understand everything we have gone through”.

This was overwhelming for me because I believe in what we do and I spend a lot of time writing about our broken healthcare system. Seeing Joe’s reaction, seeing hope restored for a person, for Joe... just absolutely melted my heart. Today reminded me that everyone is touched by these issues. Either directly with a family member or through friends who are struggling.Another person I met, whom I will call Joy, had heard one of our team members on the radio the morning of the expo. She actually drove all the way down from Tampa to the expo to find our booth. We happened to be in the row furthest from the entry doors so when she finally got to us she told me how relieved she was. She thought we had already left or maybe not been there at all. She was so excited to talk with me about what we do and to be able to take some information with her. Not only did her determination to find us strike me as amazing, but her reason for coming to us did as well. Joy has a friend who has kidney issues. Her friend had one test done that was $5,400 and her friend said she just did not have the financial resources for another test or treatment. Joy understood why her friend was making that decision, however, her friend’s kidneys have gotten so bad that she has begun bleeding. This can mean so many things for a patient, and none of them are good. Joy came down to see us as soon as she heard about us because she knows her friend needs to get back to the doctor as soon as possible. She hoped this would give her friend a reason to try. I was amazed and gratified to see the compassion Joy displayed for her friend. I think everyone would have a similar reaction if they knew about CarePay™. They could help someone they know right now, before the next doctor visit, before the next test, before they end up in an ambulance to the hospital.

There were so many people that I spoke with that had their own similar stories. Each story ended with heartbreaking conclusions... skipping care because of cost, inability to pay the outrageous hospital bills, and deductibles and copays too high to afford care. This is why CarePay™ is here. This is why everyone has been working around the clock to bring this platform to the people. The healthcare system needs to change. Many have tried to change it from within, all have failed to make it better. We know the system is broken, but we have decided to change it by stepping out of the system. Instead of joining up with them we ask that you join us. We can affect major change one person at a time. We ask you to help us spread the word. Tell everyone there is a better way. We can still help even if you have insurance. Just knowing what the cost of services are is a win, but the big picture is a transparent market, where no one is left in the dark about how much healthcare services should cost. This will ultimately level out the cost of care differences among providers and facilities, also causing a ripple effect through the entire system. This is a monumental movement. This is care for everyone.

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