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Calling All Providers

You are the heart and soul of the medical field. As medical providers, you care for the masses, and we want people to be more confident to see doctors like you. We want to make it more affordable for everyone to get the care they need and make it easier for you to get paid as well.

Join us at CarePay. We give patients a chance to see the prices of procedures, and which doctors are closest to them in every zip code, in every state. Becoming part of our family means the members will have access to you and your practice. You will be placed on our map of the area, along with your information and self-pay prices

This is excellent free advertising for you.

It also allows our members to have more choices as to who they see for procedures and testing. A lot of patients don’t know that some services are offered within your offices, versus a testing facility, lab, or hospital.

Members also have the opportunity to leave reviews about the service they receive, which can strengthen your rating with CarePay, and generate more members to choose your practice. We want to make it easy for everyone to get the care they need, instead of putting off the doctor until it becomes a life-threatening emergency. No one should have to wait that long because of cost.

CarePay lifts the pricing veil of darkness

Medical billing has always been such a mystery for patients and providers alike. CarePay will help people to understand what their self-pay cost is upfront, so that they can plan and budget for what is needed. This will mean less cost out-of-pocket for members, and fewer collections for each individual provider. It’s really a win for both sides.

We have over 2 million providers.

CarePay supports providers who want to give the best care for every person in need. As a CarePay listed provider, you have the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of potential patients throughout your area and the country.

Join Us
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