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In Someone Else’s Shoes...

You’re at the doctor’s office, looking at your wife, holding her hand. You’ve been anxiously sitting in the waiting room for a few hours. Part of you says just get it over with, and the other part says not knowing a little longer could be better right now.

You’ve watched her go through test after test trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s been so expensive already,and your finances are strained. Everyone has been trying to support you, reminding you to stay positive, but only you and your wife know how it’s really been this past year. You’ve watched her have good days and not so good days, but the not so good days are starting to tip the scale. All you want to do is make it alright.

Finally, the nurse calls you to come back to see the doctor. You look at each other, and proceed to follow the nurse. You listen as your wife answers the nurse’s questions, and then wait for the doctor. You tell her, “no matter what, we will get through this”. The doctor comes in and she squeezes your hand tighter. He says it’s not good news, your wife has cancer. They will do everything they can for her, but it’s going to be a long road and the chances of survival are not in her favor.

You want to be strong for her, but your insides have turned to jelly. She looks at you, says she loves you, and she promises to fight it as best she can. You have always loved her for her strength and it still amazes you to this day.

There is a long road ahead with so much to do and so much cost. There is no reason to overpay for the care you need. Health issues that are ongoing such as cancer are hard on every family, not just for the person who has the illness. Finances can stretch thin incredibly quick as well. Everyone should be able to have the care they need without worrying about going broke in the process.

CarePayTM is here to help you through tough times...

to make it easier to find the right doctor at a price you can afford. The weight an illness such as cancer can put on a spouse or family is immeasurable, but no one should have to go it alone.

CarePayTM is helping people make medical needs more affordable by offering a website that gives a ton of information previously not available to people without making a lot of phone calls, and asking all of the right questions. They now do all of that for you. The website has a search option, where you can input the area you want, and the procedure or test you need done.It will show you how much providers in your area are charging. If the cost still seems too high, you can request a CarePayTM associate to negotiate a better price on your behalf. That way you get the help you need, without fear or hassle of trying to talk to the doctor’s office yourself.

We understand how difficult and scary it can be to try and figure out which doctor to see and how much it will cost. We strive to put ourselves in your shoes. We are here to help. Give us the opportunity to save you time and money, so you can do what you do for your loved ones.

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